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BB (03-09-08, 03:13 AM)
I have been trying to sync my Dell Axim to my Windows Vista machine and also
to an XP machine. The Vista machine has Outlook 2007 and the XP has Outlook
2003. I made sure that the XP machine and Outlook 2003 had whatever patches
were necessary. I also checked the Vista machine and Outlook 2007. In
addition I installed an update for the Dell Axim. With all this done, when I
sync the handheld, the appt shows up one hour LATER on the desktop, (I
entered the appt on the handheld). Is there anything that I missed? Any
help would be appreciated.
BB (03-09-08, 07:14 PM)
Well, I am replying to myself. Today I found the following site
. If you go to that page,
you will be able to download the latest update for the windows mobile unit.
I hope this helps someone.

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