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Susan Jeffries (03-17-10, 11:03 PM)
Are there any good books/websites for beginning Solomon/Dynamics
customizations? I need to create and upload Crystal Reports to the
application. I also need to figure out how to create tables because
all of our user-defined fields are already populated?
Jim (03-19-10, 06:38 PM)
At one point, there was a SL Rdt training class.

The manuals are largely in the help files (At least as far as syntax goes),
if you can get a couple of sample programs (Which might be in the VT folder),
can start there.

There are SL RDT training manuals (Which I haven't seen in the SL help), I
haven't seen a new one in quite a while ago (e.g. from 2.06 days, well before
SL7). And many of them come with the training class, so aren't available for
purchase outside (Violates whatever licensing).

Can also hire someone to either teach you, or provide an "Extra" table that
you can then customize.
At one point, we gave a client a blank screen, they just customized a
bunch of buttons on it through customization manager to do what they wanted

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