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Stefano Dell'Orto (03-21-05, 10:37 PM)
Hi all,

I was doing some test on Virtual Server with VHD files. I attached a second
SATA disk to my XP SP2 box. On this dynamic NTFS disk I created a 128 GB
fixed size VHD which I attached as a second SCSI disk in an already
configured Windows 2003 virtual machine.
I copied some data in this VHD when suddenly the 200GB SATA disk crashed
with many bad clusters. Using a recovery tool I was able to recover first 50
GB of my 128GB VHD. I'm sure that these first 50GB aren't corrupted.

Now I'm not able to attach the corrupted and partial VHD to virtual server
because VS doesn't detect it as a valid virtual disk.
Without this step I'm not able to start my virtual machine and try to run
the recovery tool inside the guest os.

What would be the right procedure to proceed in a recovery like this? Is
there any way to force VS to attach this VHD?
In a real world scenario this would be a requirement but I can't find any
recovery tool for VHD files.

Best regards,
Stefano Dell'Orto
Stefano Dell'Orto (04-21-05, 11:25 AM)
I'm still on this topic.
Nothing to suggest?

Thank you,

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arthurjones019 (04-05-14, 07:30 AM)
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kayer.jenkins005 (05-15-14, 08:01 AM)
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damianhiggins59 (01-05-16, 01:26 PM)
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