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Ed from AZ (03-11-10, 05:55 PM)
Is it possible to copy music files and the playlists referenceing them
onto an SD card for use in my Windows Mobile phone? I've tried to
burn them to a CD before, but the playlists referenced the file's
locations on the computer rather than the disk. I've got WM 10 on Win
XP Pro SP2 on the computer, and WinMobile 6.1 on the phone (Verizon

Tim De Baets (03-12-10, 05:32 PM)
If you use WMP's sync functionality, instead of manually copying the
files, does it work then?

Ed from AZ (03-12-10, 09:05 PM)
Sorry to be so dumb about this, Tim. I've never used WM like this
before. I know you cac sync to an MP3 player. I didn't know that you
can sync to a card. (Thinnking there's something built into the
player that WM recognizes and syncs with, whereas a card is just

Is there a "For Dummies" explanation somewhere on the net that you
would recommend?

On Mar 12, 8:32 am, Tim De Baets <tdeba> wrote:
Tim De Baets (03-13-10, 05:29 PM)
If the SD card shows up as a drive letter in Windows Explorer, then I'm
pretty sure WMP will allow you to sync to it. Check if the card is
listed on the Devices tab in WMP's Options.

For more information, I would suggest to read the section about syncing
in WMP's help. I have personally never used WMP to sync to a device, so
I don't know much more than the basics either.

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