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Peter McCaul (09-20-06, 03:47 PM)

I've setup one of my users at home and I've opened up port 3389 on the
company's firewall and the user connects without a problem.

Now another user wants to connect so I've done the following:

I've made the change in the registry to have his open port read 3390.
His ip is static.
I've opened up port 3390 on the firewall.

I can't connect.

When I go to a workstaion that's on the same network and I type in the
user's internal ip it works. When I try it off site, it
doesn't connect. "The client could not
connect to the remote computer". I'm putting :3390 at the end of the
external IP when I'm off site. Logically, the problem has to be from the
firewall but I don't know what else I can do. Does anyone have a solution?

Any help is appreciated.
Sooner Al [MVP] (09-20-06, 03:58 PM)
Well, if you can connect locally over the LAN from another PC on the same
LAN then it comes down to either an addressing issue (which probably is not
the case since you can access the other PC remotely) or a port forwarding
issue. Double check port forwarding for TCP Port 3390 on the company
firewall, whatever that is. It might help if you specified the company
firewall manufacturer and model. That information may help someone with the
same firewall help you...

Its also possible that any software firewall you might be running on that
particular PC is blocking incoming Remote Desktop (RDP) requests from IP
outside the local LAN address scope. For example I do that with the built-in
XP SP2 Windows Firewall, ie. limit incoming RDP requests to my home desktop
XP Pro machines to specific local LAN IP addresses and one specific OpenVPN
client IP address.
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