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Jordi Bartolome (08-05-08, 08:54 AM)

I'm working in the development of a Windows CE 5.0 based device wich
works connected to a Ethernet Network. I've been able to close all the
network ports uninstalling all undesired services like http, ftp, telnet and
debug apps (CMAccept ...), but I'can not disable the Netbios UDP / Port 137 (
I've checked it with three network scanners and all of them found this port
open). What can I do to close this port? Is there any option in Platfform
builder that I should modify? Is there any good paper or webpage wich
explains how to enhance network security in a Windows CE 5.0 based device?

Thanks in advance!!

Paul G. Tobey [eMVP] (08-05-08, 06:08 PM)
It looks to me like you want to remove the netbios component from your OS
build. Note that SMB will add it automatically (File Server, Print Server).
It also appears to me that Core Server Support will also add it. So will
the redirector, Windows Networking API/Redirector.

Paul T.

"Jordi Bartolome" <JordiBartolome> wrote in
message news:cce1
Jordi Bartolome (08-07-08, 07:15 PM)
Hi Paul,
I've tried to do what you explained, and the netBios UDP port 137
continues open. In fact, I had already removed the File Server, Print Server,
and the Windows Networking Api/Redirector before you told me about doing it.
The only element I had not removed is the Core Server Support, but I removed
it after I read your post, then I "sysgened" and built the project, and the
port remains open. So my problem persists
Perhaps I haven't uninstalled those elements properly, or there is
something else I should do...
Thanks anyway

"Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]" wrote:
Paul G. Tobey [eMVP] (08-07-08, 07:28 PM)
Check ceconfig.h in your flat release folder and see if NetBIOS is really
gone (CE_MODULES_NETBIOS). My guess is that something else is dragging it
in. I don't see anything immediately, but that's not a big surprise.

Paul T.

"Jordi Bartolome" <JordiBartolome> wrote in
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Jordi Bartolome (09-08-08, 05:14 PM)
"Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]" wrote:
Jordi Bartolome (09-09-08, 09:28 AM)
Sorry for the two previous empty posts I had a problem with my browser ( you
can delete them).
About the problem of the NetBIOS port, I've checked the ceconfig.h file and
the NETBIOS appears as installed (1). Any suggestion about what can I do to
remove it?
Thansk in advance

"Jordi Bartolome" wrote:
Paul G. Tobey [eMVP] (09-09-08, 05:22 PM)
Have you read the previous messages? This one is now in your lap. You need
to find where 'netbios' is being added to CE_MODULES. As indicated, I don't
see another source of it besides what I had already listed, but obviously
someone is pulling it in.

Paul T.

"Jordi Bartolome" <JordiBartolome> wrote in
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abc (04-16-18, 04:04 AM)
On Tuesday, August 5, 2008 at 2:54:04 PM UTC+8, Jordi Bartolome wrote:
andrew.bealings.phone (04-16-18, 10:20 PM)
We had the same problem and couldn't solve it easily, so we enabled the firewall - problem solved! (along with potentially others too - it seems best practice these days).
Hope this helps.
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