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Unis A (08-04-08, 08:25 PM)
When trying to install client on Windows 2008 Enterprise 64-bit Server,
receive error: Error 1935; an error occurred during the installation of
assembly component {98CB24AD-52FB-DB5F-A01F-C8B3B9A1E18E}. HRESULT:0x800736CC.

Any help with regards to how to install the client on a Windows 2008 Server
is highly appreciated.

Daniel Rimmelzwaan (08-04-08, 08:36 PM)
As far as I know, NAV is not certified on Windows Server 2008 yet. Get in
touch with your partner and have them open a support ticket with MSFT. They
might have a patch that they have not released to the public yet.

"Unis A" <UnisA> wrote in message
Rene Gayer (08-04-08, 11:13 PM)

Another knowing issue:

Please also check the install folder on the CD or download directory.

Some language versions are delivered with a directory called “CSIDE
Client500SP1”, but the installer is looking for “CSIDE Client” only and so
could not found the files for installing.


Ps: anyway you should check the compatibility for 64 bit systems….

"Unis A" wrote:
Carlos (09-17-08, 05:45 PM)
Try to install the last .net version in the computer
I think is the .net framework 3.0

best regards

"Rene Gayer" wrote:
Diane (10-09-08, 05:23 PM)
Has anyone found the answer to this question. I have the exact same problem.
I was told this would be compatible. Does anyone know of the patches to fix

"Carlos" wrote:
backriders (10-16-08, 04:05 PM)

I am getting the Same error message while installing in Vista. I
checked for .Net Framework. It is pre-installed in Vista. Can anyone
suggest me a right solution.

When I am searching for Error: 1935 in net, I came to know that the
possibilities are
1) Programs folder doesn't have permission to write
2) Re-install Dotnet framework.

I tried both, But i failed.

Shameer (11-05-08, 12:26 AM)
The NAV 5.0 SP1 can be installed on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of
Microsoft Windows 2008 Standard and Enterprise Edition. In order for the
installation to complete successful, verify that there are no server roles
and features installed except the Windows Process Activation Service (Not
needed also). The NAV 5.0 SP1 client requires .NET 2.0 which is built into
the Microsoft Windows 2008 Platfrom. Thank you.


"Unis A" wrote:
Shameer (11-14-08, 01:58 AM)
Additional comments: The reason why the installation worked is because the
HP Support Pak installs the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable
Package (x86) (HP Server Build):

Try install C++ 2005 SP RPx86 and try install

"Shameer" wrote:
Shameer (11-14-08, 02:01 AM)
Also the x64:

"Shameer" wrote:
Pauls (01-21-09, 02:57 PM)
hi! you can solve that problem? i get the same error and i´ve tried many ways
to solve that but i can´t yet. Can you help me?


"Unis A" wrote:
Jack (01-27-09, 02:38 AM)
Thanks for the post, Shameer. Installing C++ 2005 SP RPx86
(vcredist_x86.exe)solved my issue.

"Shameer" wrote:
Fredrik (03-30-09, 04:45 PM)
I'm experiencing similar error while trying to install Nav 5.0 on windows
server 2008 x64. I've tried installing VC8 as described earlier and also
installing KB947821. Nothing worked.

"Pauls" wrote:
Bernat (06-11-09, 08:53 PM)
Hi, I Have the same error when I trying to install it on a Windows Vista,
Anyone knows where is the solution ?


"Unis A" wrote:
Thomas Htter (06-15-09, 09:57 AM)
Hello all,

I've seen reports on the 1935 error before. In those cases it helped to
install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package first.

You can find it there:

Hope this helps for you also,


Bernat schrieb:
Thomas Htter (06-15-09, 10:03 AM)
Please note:

the link I posted points to the x86-version of the package, which worked
on a 32-bit Vista installation. Versions for x64 and IA64 can also be
found in the Microsoft download center, of course.

Sorry for any confusion,

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