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Mary L (05-20-10, 06:05 PM)
I am adding a checkbox to the PA.EMP.00 screen and attaching it the the user2
field. When I set the Alignment property to 1 - Align Right, changes in the
state of the checkbox are not recognized (the 'save changes?' screen won't
show up when I move to the next employee and when I use SQL to read the data
it remains unchanged). The screen will show the correct current value of the
field - it just won't change it.

Has anyone else had similar issues? Is there a work-around (instead of
having some check boxes aligned left and others right, depending on what
works for that field)?
Barry Flynn (05-20-10, 11:00 PM)
If the checkbox always behaves as you described, I suggest checking the
Level property.
I'm also curious to know if the Chk event fires.

But if it behaves as you describe only if set to Align Right, I.m afraid I
have no suggestions.

Mary L (05-24-10, 06:05 PM)
Thanks for the reply....

I wanted to make sure I was isolating the problem, so changing the alignment
was the only change I made. When I set it to Align Left it works, when I
reset it to Align Right it doesn't work. It is behaving consistently, even
if it is a bit strange.

I have gone so far as to remove all customizations and start over, thinking
that maybe some other customization was interferring with its operation.

"Barry Flynn" wrote:
Barry Flynn (05-24-10, 11:05 PM)

Very odd.
Sorry - nothing comes to mind.

Jim (06-01-10, 03:03 PM)
Just as an idea, may want to try changing the customization type between VBA
and BSL

Sometimes switching to the other customization type works better...
Different issues, since they do go through Some different code paths.
Sometimes it doesn't help, but might if you really need this to work.

Had a couple of cases where switching to the other customization type got it
to go.

"Mary L" wrote:
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