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Paul (12-10-03, 04:44 PM)

I'm writing fingerprint software and I would like to link my login
procedures for example MyDLL.Scan(),MyDLL.Identify(fingerprint, ...),
..... to the windows login screen.

I've heard that via DAPI calls we could change sql server and other
Microsoft products login screens but how can we do that for the
windows login screens ?

Username en password on the Windows login screen would then be
replaced by the fingerprint login screen.

Does anyone has an idea ?

How to do that in VB6 or VC++ or .Net

Kind regards,

Bob Butler (12-10-03, 04:50 PM)
"Paul" <pdw> wrote in message
> How to do that in VB6 or VC++ or .Net

not in VB6; don't know about .Net

with VC++ you can do it; search for information on
creating a new GINA.DLL
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