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Gordon (07-28-07, 02:06 AM)
I had some finger trouble when entering my email address when starting up
messenger and now I cannot verify it, it say e-mail Address not Verifie..

When I go to Tools/Options/Personal, my detials are greyed out and I cannot
change it.

How do I correct it?
Jonathan Kay [MVP] (07-28-07, 05:06 AM)
Greetings Gordon,

Not a problem, you can change your address here:
Gordon (07-28-07, 05:36 AM)
Hi Jonathon, When I went to the web page, it said I could not change my ID at
that time.

"Jonathan Kay [MVP]" wrote:
Gordon (07-29-07, 02:30 AM)
Hi Jonathon, I received a dialog box which corrected the situation and I now
have an activated name.

Thanks for your assistance


"Gordon" wrote:
Jonathan Kay [MVP] (07-29-07, 05:17 AM)
Hi Gordon,

What did the dialog box say exactly out of curiosity?
Mathias (08-14-07, 12:42 AM)

I get the same answer when I click that link.. It says "Your Windows Live ID
can't be changed right now" (but in swedish)...

Why can't I change it?? How do I do?

It seems strange that I would not be able to change my e-mail address!

Best regards / Mathias

"Jonathan Kay [MVP]" wrote:
Jonathan Kay [MVP] (08-14-07, 06:22 PM)

What kind of e-mail address are you trying to change? If it's @hotmail.com, @msn.com or one
of the localized versions, you cannot change them.
athensrefugeeinfo (03-09-18, 01:04 PM)
i have problem in my account I miss my one spell in my account how I change my account detail
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