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suroora (07-03-07, 01:56 PM)
I can't remove the highlighting from certain sections in my word document -
I've tried selecting and highlighting all the text and then removing the
highlighting, but these sections stay yellow. Any suggestions?
Lene Fredborg (07-03-07, 02:06 PM)
Maybe the color has been applied as shading and not as highlight. Try whether
you can remove the color via Format > Borders and Shading > Shading tab.
suroora (07-03-07, 03:20 PM)
Thanks, Lene. That worked!

"Lene Fredborg" wrote:
Inquiring Mind (06-13-08, 06:23 PM)
I have the same problem but I've tried both of the options described below
and can't seem to remove the highlighting. Any other suggestions?
Cubbie_Gal (02-04-09, 08:36 PM)
I have same problem. Tried clearning the shading and the highlighting and
neither works. My text still stays highlighted. When I "reveal formatting"
under the font section is stays "Shading: Clear (Yellow)". So I'm selecting
clear for shading but it's leaving it yellow anyway? I don't understand.
Does it have to do with the fact that it's a bulleted list? I'm just baffled.

"Inquiring Mind" wrote:
CyberTaz (02-04-09, 09:52 PM)
Is it possible that the document has been Protected & that the Shading is an
attribute of a Style you don't have permission to modify?

Go to the Review Tab, click the Protect Document button & see what the Task
Pane has to say. You may be able to remove the Shading by applying a
different Style.
Suzanne S. Barnhill (02-04-09, 10:34 PM)
Clear just means that there's no pattern. It also means that what you're
seeing is not highlighting (which you would remove by selecting None for
highlighting) but shading. Go to Format | Borders and Shading and choose No
Fill on the Shading tab.
Brandy (09-25-09, 07:21 PM)
I'm seeing the same problem... It's in a table, and any text that is entered
appears highlighted with yellow.

I've set "No Fill";
I've set "Shading" to "Clear";
Reveal Codes shows: Pattern: Clear (Yellow) -> Clear
There doesn't appear to be any document Protection in effect.

The entire table (3col x 17rows) has the same attributes.

I also tried: "Table Properties" | "Borders & Shading" |

It's also set to:

Fill: No Fill
Pattern: Clear
Apply to: Table

"Cubbie_Gal" wrote:
Suzanne S. Barnhill (09-25-09, 09:09 PM)
When you are on the Shading tab, make sure that you check the "Apply to"
settings. The shading may be applied to Text rather than Cell.
Brandy (09-25-09, 10:06 PM)
I never was able to get rid of it manually. I tried "Apply to:
Table|Cell|etc." with no change.

I did, however, copy the text of the macro that someone created to get rid
of the problem and that worked. Now, if the logic of that macro could just
be available as a manual process.....


"Suzanne S. Barnhill" wrote:
Karen (10-16-09, 12:46 AM)

Are these suggestions you are providing for 97-2003? I'm using 2007 and
trying to highlight only the text in a numbered list and it highlights the
number also. Can you provide a solution for this?

"Suzanne S. Barnhill" wrote:
Suzanne S. Barnhill (10-16-09, 01:42 AM)
If the paragraph mark is selected (which it will be, no matter how carefully
you try to avoid it), the number will be formatted. The only solution is to
select *just* the paragraph mark and remove the shading.
Josh Johnson (10-16-09, 08:13 PM)
If you get really frustrated (as I did) you can select all, open a new
document, paste special, and remove formating. Voila!
lisat (01-12-10, 12:57 PM)
Brilliant. It was the Shading tab. Thanks

"Suzanne S. Barnhill" wrote:
rolandtiu (04-02-15, 04:25 AM)
I had a similar problem.
What I did was I copied a text from another cell that was not highlighted and pasted it on the highlighted cell. The new text pasted did not have any highlight so I can just modify the contents to match the previously highlighted text.

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