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TomDefenderHopeful (02-08-10, 05:08 AM)
I have a Windows vista Laptop with MP 11.0.6002.1811 Windows 7 Pro MP
12.0.7600.16415 and Windows XP Pro MP 11.0.5121.5268

I have a old.avi movie file that only will play on the Windows XP Pro PC

On Vista and Windows 7 I only get the sound

I have checked WMP for updates and it claims I am current.
I have searched for codec files but nothing out there.

Any ideas or suggestions


Hot-text (02-08-10, 06:45 AM)
you do not have all the CODES for avi in your Laptop is why!

"TomDefenderHopeful" <thomasgrassi> wrote in message
TomDefenderHopeful (02-08-10, 04:38 PM)
I guess the real question is where do I find all the codes for Media Player

I url would be very helpfull for Vista and Win 7



"Hot-text" wrote:
Jaime (02-08-10, 06:59 PM)
Download one of the tools (like Gspot) that identify codecs, then find the
codec on the web, and install it.
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