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Carla Schneider (01-12-19, 12:19 AM)
64bit Slackware-current:
With the 3.0.0 Version of Glut something does not
work as intended compared to the 2.8 Version of Glut
in 64Bit Slackware 4.2 where this is o.k.

This funktion in my Program with two windows opened by Glut always
switches main_window to fullscreen and not video_window.

In noticed this in March 2018 and I downgraded glut to the version
freeglut-2.8.1-x86_64-1.txz to fix this.
blizzack (01-14-19, 05:20 AM)
I've never used freeglut before but i did do a little work w/ glut waaaaay back in the day using the GLUT library from OpenGL.

You may know this already.
The jump to a "major point release" by convention typically signifies breaking API changes.

Anyway...I was very curious about your issue and freeglut; so i looked at the source code.
Seems like there were significant changes inside of the glutFullScreen() function in v3.0.0

Documentation for the v2.8.1 version is non-existent but v3.0.0 is located here:

The v3.0.0 docs for glutFullScreen() and its derivatives do say this:
"Calls to these functions are ignored for gamemode and child windows."

Also in the "16.3 glutGameModeGet" section of the docs you can query the main window w/ a bunch of state variables via glutGet(...).

I would check to make sure your window is NOT in "gamemode"


you may have simply found a bug w/ the library (which is not unusual for "major point releases")

Also; it may be best to report your issue to the freeglut bugs mailing list:

They may be best at helping you out.

hope this helps & good luck!

if you're curious at the source code changes - checkout the following files for differences:
v.3.0.0 --> fg_window.c
v.2.8.1 --> freeglut_window.c
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