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nanu (04-29-10, 10:00 PM)
We have E-ship with a lot of fancy options for Bill of Lading and we do not
use packages but we use pallets. Is there a simple way of creating a plain
Bill of lading where I can enter few notes, add line items from Sales Order,
add gross weight. thanks in advance
Savatage (04-30-10, 05:15 PM)
F3 enter - create a new BOL. Enter Customer Number
There should be a "print" at the bottom of the form
If you select Bill Of Lading Advanced ->Preview
is this what you are looking for?
Also, Report 14000824 Bill Of Lading Advanced Report can be modified with an
options tab where you manually enter some data like # of pallets/ weight /
value or whatever you want.

Have you played around with the e-ship BOL at all?
Do you have shipments when you post?

To add info to your bol - f9 for bol worksheet
or Ctrl-F5 to add information lines.

Usually the bol is just about the shipment - if you want to add sales order
lines , then just attached the posted invoice.

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