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D- (08-20-04, 06:15 AM)
How can I backup Solomon? I am new to this product and the tape drive that
was in the server has died. All I need to do is backup this database by
copying the files to a new server that has backups already installed on it.
When I copy the files the master.mdb does not get copied. I looked for a
service that I could stop and then backup that file but I did not see one.
What steps are there in shutting down this database and what steps would I
use to restart it?


Picine Karppehd (08-21-04, 09:39 PM)
You backup the Solomon database with SQLServer Enterprise
manager. The best way to do it is to set up a mainenance
plan on Enterprise Manager and back up every night.
Check out SQL-BOL (BooksOnline) for how to backup and
restore and how to set up a maintenance plan.

Copying the files will rarely work. When you restore
them, SQLServer finds that they are not sequences
correctly and it will mark the database as suspect.

And, finally, you do not need backup software, even to
write to a tape. The backup system in SQLServer
Enterprise manager has adequate capability.
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