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jezzajezza (02-19-10, 04:20 AM)
Is it possible to attach an image to a product and it be displayed when it is

If possible, where is the proceedure for it or the instructions on how to do

I work in a company that supplies FMCG (food) to the retail sector and the
company wants images available to explain to customers what the product is.

Savatage (02-19-10, 07:05 PM)
You mean like "Item Pictures" on the item card try it


"jezzajezza" wrote:
Kim (03-05-10, 10:25 PM)
The draw-back of the Item->Picture is, that it is very limited to size and
file type (bmp). you would have to convert your pictures to bmp.
however.. there are solutions existing to embbed graphical files on forms
via special DLLS/OCX/Controlls..

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Savatage (03-22-10, 06:14 PM)
We use the import pictures on the fly technique from an outside database of
pictures to keep the database size in check. We Have over 60,000 items and a
pic for each would greatly increase our database size.

For example on the item picture form you add the code to OnAfterGetRecord

Form - OnAfterGetRecord()
IF EXISTS ('P:\BMP\'+"No."+'.BMP')
THEN Picture.IMPORT('P:\BMP\'+"No."+'.BMP',FALSE);
*For this example our pictures are saved in a network drive called "P:\BMP"
and the item pictures' name is the same as the Item Number.

For tons of Item Picture posts & info click here:

Also if you want to convert all pics to almost anyformat with the click of a
try pixresizer it's free!!
Savatage (03-22-10, 06:19 PM)
Correction to the above post, since edit is not allowed (The correct link is
For tons of Item Picture posts & info click here:

"Savatage" wrote:
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