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ashlyrhodes (05-14-06, 11:16 AM)
Affordable Hosting By Ashly !!
Check out my website

Affordable Hosting With High Standards..
No Hidden Costs, No Surprises, No Unlisted Fees..
#1 Express Package / Price 5.00 Per Month / 3 GB Disc Space / 30 GB
Data Transfer
#2 Business Package /Price 8.00 Per Month / 10 GB Disc Space / 50 GB
Data Transfer
#3 Professional / Price 15.00 Per Month / 20 GB Space, Host 3 Domains /
100 GB Data Transfer

Your Satisfaction Is What Matters, And That's 100% GUARANTEED!

This Is A 100% Risk-Free Assurance.
Your Plan's Pricing Will NEVER Increase!
Never face unexpected fee increases again. You can be confident in what
you're paying for will never increase! A price-lock is established on
your account when you place your order! For as long as you are a
customer, your price cannot increase! This Guarantee is included in
each Hosting Packages.About Affordable Hosting By Ashly

** Price & Cost Effectiveness Guarantee **
My Web Hosting plans give you an excellent value. Regardless of your
needs, my plans allow you to save money right away..
My billing cycles run from quarterly, semi-annual to annual and 2-year
billing cycles, the choice is yours on most plans.
These are the best prices around for the quality service and hosting
space you will get and that is Guaranteed ..

* Ashlys Web Hosting Reliability Guarantee *
A Note from a Client: During my hosting experience with Ashly, I have
had hardly any server outages. The one time I did have a problem I
called the 24 hour live support tech and the problem was fixed within
20 minutes.
Thanks for the message Kerrie !!
With that being said The question is not IF downtime happens, the
question is when it happens and how quickly your hosting company can
resolve the problem. Quick problem resolution is a MUST, so your site
will be back online in no time.

I host several of my own domains and overall reliability experience is
very positive. I claim to provide 99.9% uptime for all hosted accounts
and I have a guarantee on this website proving their track record. I
have 100% uptime for the majority of my own hosted accounts, however -
2 out of 23 accounts only had an uptime of 99.2% due to a server
glitch. The glitch was resolved quickly (within 90 minutes), however
the uptime amount of these two accounts did not reach 99.9% this month.

* Friendly Customer Service & Live Support *
The support provided can be rated as above excellent, especially the 24
/ 7 LIVE CHAT feature. You can call in via Live Chat at anytime day or
night and your requests will be answered promptly and courteously.
Unlike other hosts, Affordable Web Hosting By Ashly is providing FREE

* Control Panel *
The control panel I provide allows you to add, remove and manage your
domain names, sub domains, FTP accounts, email accounts, mailing lists,
auto responders, email aliases, MIME Types, Apache Indexes, PHP / ASP
configuration, mySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL databases, SQL database
users, canceling and resuming your subscription and reporting trouble
tickets from one interface. The usage of the control panel itself is
very fast and reliable. The administration of your whole account is
very user-friendly and Affordable Hosting By Ashly provides a great
Control Panel.
You Can Find Out More About The Cpanel @

* Email for Yourself or Your Business (includes Web Mail) *
Now that you have your own domain name (), what better
touch than to have a personalized email address?
Get your family, friends or staff setup with direct email access with
ease! No more boring ISP-only email addresses; enjoy the ability to
make a personal impression on friends and colleagues. Access your
emails from anywhere with our Webmail Service!

If you would like more information or have any questions Please Contact
Me !!
Email Me: ashlyrhodes Subject: Web Hosting
Always Remember Your Satisfaction Is What Matters, And That's 100%
If You Are Happy I Am Happy !!
chriss (05-14-06, 12:17 PM)
Well if you are looking check out more than one package:

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Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] (05-14-06, 08:26 PM)
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> Affordable Hosting By Ashly !!
> Check out my website


Please don't spam the newsgroups.
Russ Grover - SBITS.Biz - \(MCP-SBS\) (05-14-06, 10:23 PM)
They host their Server at I reported them as Spammers.
Hopefully their account will be deleted..

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