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RAVI UTTAM (07-22-10, 03:01 PM)
Dear All

We have new implement Navision 2009 in our company.It's new for all
the employ as well me.I m looking ERP cordiantor with Vendor.We
require help for future plans and also help in different error's.
Savatage (07-23-10, 07:13 PM)
If it's a new implementaion, where is the company thay implemented it for you?
Are they not fixing your errors?
Are they not training your employees?

It should be part of your maintenance..no??

"RAVI UTTAM" wrote:
yuppicide (08-17-10, 10:24 PM)
For ours we had like 90 days or something to come back to the company with
any errors or problems. After that our service was limited and some things
we had to pay for, some we didn't.

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