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Popskie (02-09-09, 04:56 AM)
After I recalculate/published my task in the project. actual and plan start
date and also the end date will synchronized.
Jack Dahlgren MVP (02-09-09, 04:07 PM)
The task is probably marked complete. When you give any sort of status to a
task (10% complete) then the start date and actual start will be the same.
When you finish the task, the actual finish and the finish will be the same.
If you want to maintain a planned date that is different, then you need to
set a baseline prior to statusing the tasks (tools menu / tracking / set

-Jack Dahlgren

"Popskie" <Popskie> wrote in message
cuteboylichao28 (09-12-19, 03:01 AM)
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