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Tomas Morstein (09-28-12, 03:40 PM)

Due to house reconstruction and my almost zero free time allocated for VMS-hobbyism, I have decided to give away around 95% of my current "legacy" lab.

Here is the list of what may be available:

- 3x AlphaServer 800 5/500 (two complete systems, one w/o CPU and memory), including rackmount rails
- multiple different VAX systems, mostly MV3100
- 1x AlphaServer DS10l
- 1x Integrity rx2600
- 2x DIGITAL 42U rack cabinet (blue)
- 1x ComVerse 42U rack cabinet
- 1x RA8000 StorageWorks with rackmount including several disks, PVA, EMU, 2x HSG80 ctrl., multiple ACS firmware cards with original box and documentation
- 1x BA-35x-mountable DLT drive (TZ87) including around ~20 tapes
- 3x BA-35x storage shelf (grey, 8bit) including personality module
- around 10 pcs of Emulex LP9000 FC HBAs
- 1x HP StorageWorks SAN Switch 2/8-EL
- a lot of SC-SC, LC-LC, SC-LC fibre cables
- lots of MMJ crimped cables + half a reel of uncrimped MMJ cable
- several Xyplex terminal servers and serial cards

Please contact me in any case of interest in whatever above.
I prefer local pickup at Prague, but everything is negotiable :-)

Best regards,
Hans Vlems (10-04-12, 09:04 AM)
On 28 sep, 15:40, Tomas Morstein <tmrfoo> wrote:
> Best regards,
> Tom
> --www.idea.cz|

Sorry Tom, but Prague is just too far away from the Netherlands.
Several years ago I visited Philip in Frankfurt and for a daytrip that
is about the
maximum distance for a daytrip.
The DS10 and the RX2600 are nice though.
Good luck,
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