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Ed (10-28-04, 11:35 PM)
Anyone know of a good web browser based order entry system for Solomon?

We would need to limit our sales people to see only the customers that are
assigned to them.

Also...anyone know of a good web page interface to allow customers to order
from a web site directly into Solomon? We would also like for customers to
be able to view past orders, invoices, credit limits, etc.
Paul Phillips (10-30-04, 03:00 AM)
Check out Catalina Technology
(). I hear MBS refers a
lot of business to them, since Web Order really doesn't
cut the mustard. Catalina's system is written in .NET and
is up-to-date, using web services for the underlying
interface into Solomon.

They have two products to do web order entry. We are
currently using a portion of their system to build a
custom ordering solution which will also pipe orders in
from our web sites.

It's too bad Great Plains / Microsoft dropped the ball as
far as the web goes. But MBS is making a lot of progress
in the area going forward. I would expect to see a lot
more web-based solutions on the Business Portal platform
in the coming years.

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