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mjtwareagle (01-05-08, 06:26 AM)
The 2007 DST patch worked on my iPAQ, however, I noticed today that March
2008 appointments prior to the "old" DST date and made in Outlook again
appear an hour earlier on my Pocket PC. I can't find anything on the MS site
about an anticipated 2008 patch, or issues with the 2007 patch extending into
BB (03-09-08, 02:57 AM)
I am having the exact same problem. I am trying to sync a Dell Axim with
both a Vista Machine and an XP. When I add a new appt on the Dell handheld,
it shows up one hour later on pc. I downloaded the patch for the windows
mobile device. I also made sure that the operating systems and Outlook had
whatever patches they needed. Any help would be appreciated.

"mjtwareagle" wrote:
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