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Ken (09-13-04, 10:14 AM)
I do not think that you can have two copies of Solomon
running on the same workstation. Registry entries are made
during client setup that determine which folder will be
used by Solomon regardless of the location of parent.exe.

If you really need a separate installation, set-up a
totally separate environment with its own SQL Server
database. This can all be done on one machine. Note that
you can test customizations by setting up a test database
as you have done. You can also set up a local copy of the
usr_rpts folder. If you add this line to your local
solomon.ini file. (The one in your windows directory not
the one in your Solomon folder): -

User Directory=D:\usr_rpts
CRM integration (09-14-04, 12:29 AM)
It works fine for reports.
How to set directory for Modules (.EXEs) in Solomon.ini


"Ken" wrote:
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